Fast forward your certification

You may have qualifications that meet some of the requirements for Fitness Alberta Group Exercise or Personal Fitness Trainer certification. Apply your qualifications to bypass a course and speed up your certification process. 

How to challenge into Fitness Alberta

To get started, let us know what course(s) you want to challenge, and provide proof of your qualifications. 

Exam Challenge Education Review

Below are some of the ways you can challenge courses or exams to speed up your Fitness Alberta certification process. 

Recognition of Accreditation

NFLA accredited professionals

NFLA accreditations are recognized by Fitness Alberta, and current NFLA exercise professionals can transfer into Fitness Alberta with no courses or exams required. This transfer is available to currently NFLA certified Group Exercise, Fitness for the Older Adult, Aquatic Exercise, and Resistance Training leaders.

Personal Training credentials

Personal Trainer Exam challenge

  • To challenge the Personal Fitness Trainer Theory exam, you must have completed prerequisite coursework at an accredited college/university. 
  • Upload your transcripts and information on our online form. 

Fitness Alberta Foundations in Physical Activity and Exercise and Group Exercise Course equivalents

Skip the course and go straight to writing your exam. Here are some examples of accepted qualifications to bypass the Fitness Alberta Foundations in Physical Activity and Exercise or Group Exercise Fundamentals course. If you need more information please contact us at 

Foundations in Physical Activity and Exercise

  • Completed anatomy/physiology courses from an accredited college/university 
  • Expired AFLCA/Fitness Alberta, or NFLA certification
  • Other current or expired certifications 

Group Exercise Fundamentals

  • Completed coursework at accredited college/university
  • Expired AFLCA/Fitness Alberta, or NFLA certifications
  • Other current or expired certifications

Credentials Accepted

Once your credentials have been reviewed, you can register for your exam.

Register for your exam