Educator responsibilities

During each course there are a few responsibilities you need to be aware of as the course facilitator. 

Faciliator responsibilities

You may be asked questions about Fitness Alberta certification. Please ensure that you are familiar with the Fitness Alberta certification process and requirements. If you do not know the answer to their question, please feel free to refer them to us at . 

You must verify that each participant attended the entire course and you must also complete an assessment of each participant's abilities using the course completion and participant assessment form. 

Please give each participant their form as they will need to send it to us as part of their certification documentation. 

Let participants know not to send their forms in separately to the Fitness Alberta office. Only complete certification packages are accepted. 

It's very important that you complete the course roster within 48 hours following completion of the course. The roster is the participant's verification that they have completed your course. You will find the course roster form in your member login information. 

Please direct your participants to complete our online course evaluation form, once they have completed your course.