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Get the in-depth knowledge in exercise science and physiology that you need to be a competent, successful personal trainer. Evidence-informed, and recognized across Canada, the Fitness Alberta online personal training course lays the groundwork for you to succeed in personal training. Study on your own time supported by  qualified exercise physiologists and Fitness Alberta Trainers. 

How it Works

  1. Study Take the online course and skills development mentorship.

  2. Pass Write and pass the Fitness Alberta CPFT online and practical exams.

  3. Advance Take your career to the next level and add AFLCA advanced certifications to your credentials.

The time it takes to complete the course varies from student to student, but you have one year to complete the course, practical assessment and theory exam for Fitness Alberta certification.  Find out more information on the online personal training FAQ page. 

Online Personal Training course



Fitness Alberta

This is an asynchronous online course to prepare candidates for Fitness Alberta personal training certification. Candidates have one year to complete the course and their Personal Fitness Trainer certification written theory exam and practical assessment.