Become a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Our personal training certification is recognized across Canada, the US and abroad. Earn the skills you need for a successful career in personal  training. And, once you're certified with us, you can take your career further with our advanced certifications. 

There are three ways to become a Fitness Alberta® Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.  Choose the pathway that works best for you. 

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I: Personal Training online course

Fitness Alberta has partnered with the National Council on Strength and Fitness to offer an online personal training course. This in-depth course provides applied knowledge and skills in kinesiology, physiology, and exercise prescription. Once finished, you will be prepared to complete your qualifications for Fitness Alberta Personal Fitness Trainer certification.

Take the online Personal Fitness Trainer course
Candidates have a year to complete the requirements for certification. This course is recognized internationally, in Europe, US, Canada and Australia, and will teach you what you need to know to become a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with Fitness Alberta®.
Online personal fitness trainer course faqs
Find answers to frequently asked questions about the online personal training course.
Once you have completed the online personal training course, you will need to write and pass the personal training written theory exam. The online course manuals, online quizzes and Fitness Alberta support will help you to prepare for your exam.
Skills development virtual mentorship
While not mandatory, the Skills Development Virtual Mentorship is highly recommended for individuals new to personal training. The mentorship refines the practical component of this certification and highlights the skills you are expected to exemplify during the practical exam. Mentors are highly qualified, with a minimum of a masters degree in kinesiology, and are also certified Fitness Alberta® CPFT examiners.

Calls will take place via phone, google meets or zoom at times that are convenient for both the CPFT student and mentor.
Practical assessment
A practical assessment is required for CPFT certification in addition to the written theory exam. Learn what to expect and requirements for your practical assessment.
Pay fees and submit documents
Once you've passed your exams, you can send in all of your course completion information, current CPR and First Aid documentation. Fitness Alberta certification provides professional insurance, registration and other member benefits.

II: Apply post-secondary education

Relevant post-secondary education from an accredited university or college in required competencies allows you to bypass the online course and go straight to writing your exams and practical assessment. Required competencies include: human anatomy and physiology; exercise physiology; movement mechanics; physical fitness assessment and health related physical activity; exercise prescription and program design; and human behaviour.
Apply your post-secondary education qualifications
Upload your relevant post-secondary education and transcripts to us. Once we've verified them, you can register to write your Personal Training theory and practical exams.
Once your post-secondary qualifications have been verified and accepted, you can register for the Personal Training written theory exam. All Fitness Alberta written exams have a minimum passing requirement of 80%. Successful completion of both is required for certification. Supplemental exams may be taken if required.
Practical assessment
A minimum of 80% successful completion of a practical assessment is required for CPFT certification in addition to a minimum 80% on the written theory exam.
Pay certification fees and submit documents
Once you've passed your exams you can send in your confirmation, current CPR and First Aid documentation with your fees. Fitness Alberta certification provides professional insurance, registration and other member benefits.

III: Recognition of current qualifications

Fitness Alberta recognizes personal training qualifications that meet our standards for certification.
Apply your current qualifications
Upload your current qualification information documents. Please include comprehensive and complete details about relevant coursework that you have taken. This may include transcripts of courses you have taken on your own, or that were required of a certification provider. Include an outline of topics of study, (e.g. anatomy, exercise physiology), length of course and course provider.

IV: Earn Advanced Certifications

We offer advanced certifications in Pre Postnatal Exercise. We also offer pathways for qualified exercise professionals to become a Fitness Alberta Trainer-educator or examiner.