Personal training online course

Fitness Alberta has partnered with the National Council on Strength and Fitness to offer an online personal training course. This post-secondary level course provides applied knowledge and skills in

  • kinesiology
  • physiology
  • exercise prescription 

Once finished, you'll be prepared to complete your qualifications for Fitness Alberta's Certified Personal Fitness Trainer accreditation.  

Evidence-informed foundations

Trainer performing a hamstring stretch assist

Fitness Alberta® CPFT accreditation is recognized across Canada, the US and internationally and provides professional insurance of $2M with an option to purchase up to $5M. It also includes registration and discounts on all Fitness Alberta professional development workshops, courses and conferences. 

CPFTs must renew their certification annually and continuing education credits are due every 2 years. 

How does the course work?

This is a post-secondary level course. There are 8 Units, which include readings, applied scenarios, and quizzes to support you to gain the knowledge that you will need to practice personal training competently. You will also have access to qualified exercise physiologists to answer your questions. The course readings are supplemented with a manual containing Canadian protocols. Once you have completed of all the course readings, practical activities and quizzes you will be prepared to write the CPFT online exam. 

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer certification

All candidates have one year to complete the online course, and to write your theory and practical exams. The steps to certification are as follows: 


  • 1

    Complete the online personal training course

    Content covered includes (but is not limited to):

    • Musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology
    • Human physiology (cardio-respiratory, skeletal, nervous and energy systems)
    • Pre-exercise screening and resting health assessments
    • Resistance training principles and exercise techniques
    • Cardiovascular training concepts and exercise techniques
    • Flexibility training concepts and exercise techniques (dynamic, static, PNF, SMR)
    • Planning fitness training programs
    • Communication, consultation and motivation techniques

    Online personal training course FAQs

  • 2

    Complete the online theory exam

    Once you have completed your online course, you can register for and write the CPFT exam. All Fitness Alberta exams are online. You must pass the CPFT exam with a minimum passing grade of 80%. 

    Register for the CPFT exam

  • 3

    Take the skills development mentorship

    While not mandatory, the Skills Development Virtual Mentorship is highly recommended for individuals new to personal training. The mentorship reinforces the skills you are expected to demonstrate during the CPFT practical exam. It can take 3 - 6 weeks to complete. 

    Register for the skills development virtual mentorship

  • 4

    Write the CPFT practical exam

    The Certified Personal Fitness Trainer practical exam assesses your ability to communicate with your client and support them through their behaviour change process. Follow the link below for more information and to register for your practical assessment. 

    CPFT practical assessment

  • 5

    Complete CPR and First Aid training

    Annual Standard First Aid training and CPR Level C or HCP is required for CPFT certification. Follow the link below for a list of providers. 

    CPR First Aid courses

  • 6

    Submit your documents and pay your fees

    You've passed your exams and assessment. You've got your CPR and First Aid. Now all you need to do is give us your information and pay your fees. 

    Purchase CPFT certification

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