Free Falls Forever; Falls Prevention/Intervention Strategies

Continuing Education


Presenter: Lana Asuchak

Lana Asuchak is an empowering and passionate champion for personal and professional change.  She is an expert in Health and Wellness, and a successful fitness consultant.  Lana has her Masters of Arts in Exercise Psychology, her Bachelor of Physical Education, and a plethora of certifications as a fitness expert. 

Lana is a proven and articulate expert and speaker on matters relating to stress, health and fitness.  Her mission is to help people integrate vitality and energy into their lives so they not only look and feel great, but live a healthier and more active lifestyle.  She discovered fitness at 16, and fell in love with it and has dedicated her life to her passion for fitness from teaching, training, and educating others to life their best life.  She does have weaknesses for morning mochas, red wine and exercise.

CECs: 2

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October 4, 2023 6:00 - 8:00pm

In this session Lana will lead you through a series of effective, functional and progressive exercises specifically designed for falls prevention.  Portable equipment considerations that contribute to strength and steady/balance movements will be discussed while facilitating the exploration of risk factors, safety considerations and strategies for daily living falls management.  The session will conclude with an overview of current resources, tools and professional development opportunities for leaders and practitioners.  Join us for a practical and interactive session. 

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