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Your scope of practice ensures that the services you provide as a resistance exercise leader match your training. 

Fitness Alberta Resistance Exercise Leader Scope of Practice

The Fitness Alberta certified Resistance Exercise Leader is able to:

1. Design, modify and lead a safe exercise session by providing effective and appropriate exercises in order to meet stated training objectives and the needs of participants.

2. Incorporate the use of appropriate exercise equipment based on identified or implied needs of participants.

3. Use the Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating, Par-Q+, and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health.

4. Lead participants who are apparently healthy or cleared for unrestricted physical activity as indicated by completion of an evidenced based pre-screening tool (i.e., PARQ+)

5. Integrate the principles of conditioning for effective exercise design.

6. Lead non-prescriptive, introductory resistance training programs within the fitness centre.

7. Design and modify exercise for groups or individuals that are based on Fitness Alberta standards and FLC guidelines.

8. Provide fitness centre monitoring and equipment orientation, including cardiovascular and resistance training applications.

FLC - Fitness Leadership Canada

Par-Q+ - Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire


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