Step Designation Performance Standards

Performance Standards

Step designation performance standards build on the Foundations in Physical Activity and Exercise, and Group Exercise Fundamentals prerequisite knowledge base. 

A: The History & Evolution of Step-based Group Exercise

  • Describe the evolution & benefits of step classes
  • Demonstrate and implement Step Reebok guidelines
  • Describe & demonstrate knowledge of safe stepping technique, posture & alignment
  • Outline injury and legal risks

B: Leadership & Teaching

  • Describe & implement the base moves & directional approaches used in step classes
  • Design & conduct a safe and effective step class using appropriate leadership styles
  • Demonstrate exercise progressions, modifications and variations to meet the needs of the participants
  • Create a positive learning environment
  • Demonstrate knowledge and adherence to the AFLCA Code of Conduct and Scope of Practice

C: Class Structure & Content

  • Describe & integrate the evidence based components of a step exercise class
  • Discuss & demonstrate the various uses of the step platform in all class components
  • Describe common methods for monitoring exercise intensity
  • Identify appropriate music tempo for each class component, and how to legally source class music
  • Explain & demonstrate importance of music phrasing in program design