Group exercise specialty exam



You can now write your exam from your own home at a time that works for you. Fitness Alberta has partnered with Yardstick Measure to deliver secure, proctored online exams. This is to remove barriers of distance, and time for our community of fitness leaders who work in more than 200 Alberta communities and the Territories.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to write this Fitness Alberta exam, you must have completed a Fitness Alberta certification course within the time frame provided. To write a second or third attempt, you must have completed your first exam attempt and be within your certification deadline date. 

Online Exam Registration

Step 1 - Review the steps and requirements to register for the online exam.

*Please note: you are responsible for ensuring the system that you are using meets the requirements.  

Step 2 - Review and pay for online exam registration 

Step 3 - An email invite will be sent to you from Fitness Alberta/Yardstick Measure, with steps to booking your online exam date and time. Here is a step-by-step video of the online booking process. 

Step 4 - Prepare for exam day by taking the sample online tests and testing your operating system to help navigate the online testing platform

Please test your system 72 hours or more prior to your exam; if your system does not meet the requirements, please postpone your exam until you have access to a system that does. If you do not test your system requirements 72 hours prior to your exam, or your testing fails and you try to sit your exam, your fees will be forfeited.

Step 5 - Write the online proctored exam.

Special Accommodations:

* Fitness Alberta is committed to accessibility and offers independent exam sittings when required. Independent exam sittings can also be arranged if your system does not meet requirements. Additional fees apply for Independent Exam sittings and pre-approval is required.

*For any inquires regarding special accommodations, please contact us at


Cancellations require 48-hour notice, otherwise it's a forfeit of the scheduled exam, booking and exam fees. 

Please refer to the FAQ page for any questions you may have about rescheduling or preparing for your online exam.


There are no refunds issued for online exams

If you have any questions, email

I have recently completed the group exercise course and now registering for the exam for this course within the set time frame

I have reviewed the product details and understand my order will be verified and processed before my exam registration is complete

I have verified that I have the proper operating system requirements for the online proctored exam and all is functioning.

I will test my computer upon booking my exam to ensure my system is operational for my exam.

Include your group exercise course reference number

Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf, png, jpg, doc, docx
Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf, png, jpg, doc, docx
Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf, png, jpg, doc, docx
Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf, png, jpg, doc, docx
Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf, png, jpg, doc, docx